Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear Mr. President

Dear President Obama,

I share the same age with Edward Snowden, who most of America now knows, released top secret information about the NSA and alleged tactics they use to "spy" on citizen of the USA. I hope that other than this numeric similarity, he and I are drastically different in every other regard.

I want to start by saying I think Edward Snowden is a traitor who, in my humble opinion, should face the most drastic punishment possible for his erroneous behavior.  Any person granted classified information through the government (or companies in which our government contracts with) is held to the highest standard of secrecy.  What Edward Snowden did is inexcusable, and granting him asylum or any other benefits shows other under-educated, somehow now-high-profile, socially awkward computer geeks with similar information that they can do or say whatever they want behind the guise of that bright-white  screen that they use without the full realization that those secrets are called SECRETS for a reason!

I'd also like to say that if you are "spying" on my phone calls, emails, or texts please continue!  I have nothing to hide and if the government is screening me, I encourage them to keep doing so along with my friends and family members.  Honestly, I have acquaintances that believe STRONGLY that Beyonce and Jay Z are members of a cult, that they should be free to tote around semi-automatic handguns and red-neck flags, dismiss the gay population as second class citizens by not allowing them to marry, and even believe you are the Anti-Christ who will watch us all perish by 2016..  Puh-llleeeeaaaasse "spy" on them all, because I think a few screws are lose.

All joking aside (I really wish I was joking in the former paragraph), as long as schools are being shot up, marathons bombed, and a violence levels that are horrific to watch continue in this country with the terrorism target pointed directly at us and innocent people dying in terrible tragedies every single month, I say that the NSA deserves a round of applause for WHATEVER tactics they are using or need to use to make America safer.  It's strange how we inherently put our trust in you to take care of us through difficult times, yet badmouth you and beat you up anytime anything goes wrong.  "Save us when we are down, but watch us stone you when we are up."

As a two time voter of you, Mr. President, I want you to know that I am personally proud of the progress you are making.  I only hope that as the end of your second term culminates, that you move more quickly on the issues that got you elected in the first place.  I urge you to work with the Supreme Court to ensure that the legalization, nation wide, of gay marriage passes proudly.  I also strongly support any and all gun/firearm reform that gets automatic weapons out of the hands of any person with a criminal or mental disorder background.  I understand the need for the Right to Bear Arms, but do you really think our founding fathers envisioned a lunatic walking into a public school or screening of a film and killing dozens of peoples with a weapon like that when they wrote the Constitution?!?

President Obama (can I call you Barack----no, no, no I understand), you are the face of the new generation of American's.   I proudly write this letter in support of you.  In a time when people are so concerned with complaining, I wanted to compliment you on a job VERY WELL DONE.

Most Sincerely,
AJ Fernandez
Los Angeles, CA