Monday, April 4, 2011


Well, it's official.  I am home!  It feels so weird to write that.  You know when you have traveled between time zones and everything seems a little foggy?  You can't quite get things into focus, and you are trying to adjust?  That's how I feel right now.  I know I am happy to be here, but I am also out-of-sorts a bit.

I arrived to sunshine and so much GREEN!  I seriously feel like I landed in Ireland or something.  I know I am suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency so the sunshine and near 80 degree temperatures today are SO WELCOMED!

When I got here, I came in and my house had already been set up with all new beautiful things, and it felt good.  This a re-start and I know this chapter will look so much differently than any others.  My mother-in-law took my tax return and was able to refurnish the entire house with creative finds from Craigslist and Garage Sales.  It came together so nicely and I am beyond appreciative of her hard work to get it together before I came home.  There is a whole room of STUFF for the nursery, so that will be so fun to put together with Shea in the coming days.  And my Aunt Mary (visit her site sent me a few preview shots of Harper's custom made bedding which looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL (and I've only seen the quilt)! 

There is a still A LOT to do.  It amazing how much work goes into home ownership.  I need a whole day for the inside and another for the outside, and  a third for the pool. Plus a fourth for the nursery set up with Shea. I mean, everything is fine, but as you all may know I am perfectionist and I want everything to look and be perfect before Harper's big arrival in less than three weeks!

Speaking of arrivals, my niece Eleanor was born on Saturday morning!  She waited until the very last second to meet her Uncle AJ, but she made it out just in time.  I got to snuggle with her and visit with her Mommy and Daddy in the hospital.  She is absolutely perfect and Carey was a rockstar during her delivery.  I told Carey to take care of Harper's BFF until I get to see her again and introduce our girls to one another.  Harper is going to be blessed with several wonderful girlfriend cousins.  It will be so fun to watch Rilynn, Mekaty, Sienna, Ellie, and Harper all grow up together.  I can already picture many rounds of Red Rover, double dutch, and I want them to all be pen pals for eachother.  Eeek, so cute!

Today I am headed to San Francisco to meet with Urban California people and spend the day with my father in law.  Tonight I hope to visit with my pals and get started on setting up the house.  

Oh, in case you were wondering, we hit In-N-Out immediately after landing!  It was SOOO good, I got real chills when we drove in and I could smell it.  Yum....